05/04/2013 - Change of schedule: Alberto Signetto at Skepto International Film Festival

On Saturday April 13th, at former Liceo Artistico in Piazza Dettori (Cagliari), after the lecture by Alessandro Ippolito "A fistful of apps" (see programme), there will be a meeting with the Italian-Argentinian director Alberto Signetto that will present to the Skepto audience the documentary "Anghelopoulos backstage".

The video is an account of the making of Thodoros Angelopoulos’ film The Weeping Meadow, which tells the story of two people who have known each other since they were three and five years old, when the Greek community of Odessa was forced to flee after the Red Army entered the city in 1919. Like many of the other full-length features by the Greek director, The Weeping Meadow was conceived as a fresco of a historical era, seen through the exile, emigration and the vicissitudes of a family.

The making-of video alternates material shot on location in Thessaloniki and Sidirokastron, a few miles from the Bulgarian border, with interviews with Anghelopoulos, the lead actress and some of the technicians who have worked with the director for years. Fragments which give us an idea of theway of working and the process of constructing a film, and of the relations between the crew and the director as “orchestral conductor”, in a challenging choral performance.

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