09/04/2011 - Skepto IFF 2011: and the winner is...

The list of the Skepto International Film Festival 2011 winners is online!

Hearty congratulations to the authors from the festival's staff!

20/03/2011 - Programme online!

Download the festival's complete programme in the main location of Cagliari.

Also available the programme of AIG Hostels (Milan, Bologna, Rimini, Ravenna, Florence, Perugia, Naples) and IED Madrid screenings.

21/03/2011 - Skepto IFF 2011: the finalists!

The list of the finalist movies of Skepto International Film Festival 2011 is online since today!

24/03/2011 - “No Season” by Luca Tronci

During the highlight days of the festival, April 8th and 9th, in the premises of the ex-Liceo Artistico in piazzetta Dettori, there will be the projection of the picture story “No Season” by Luca Tronci : an unusual look at the mastodontic facilities of mass tourism during off season hibernation.

23/03/2011 - At the ex-Artistico the colours, the oil paintings and the drawings of “Soupe d’Art”

During the festival (April 8th and 9th), in the ex-Liceo Artistico building in piazzetta Dettori, there will be the exhibition "Soupe de Art". Ingredients:

Roberto Botta: drawings, sign synthesis, impersonal portraits,  sanguines and infernal machines.
Viola Vistosu: oil paintings, acrylic schetches and chalk memories.
Zedda Lucia: colours, pieces of chalk, pencil and acrylic, passion and love.

13/03/2011 - Selected short movies' list

The list of the selected short movies for the screening at Skepto International Film Festival 2011 is available since today !

We'd like to congratulate the selected films' authors, but also to thank heartily all the filmmakers who sent their works to us. This year we received many short movies, with a very high overall quality level, and it was often difficult to make a selection: we had to reluctantly rule out several good movies, because our festival is still a small one and the time and space at our disposal are still very limited. Anyway, we hope that you will keep on following us and that Skepto International Film Festival will continue to grow up in the next editions, also with your support!

We will soon publish also the complete festival programme and the finalist movies' list, so stay tuned!

23/02/2011 - Skepto International Film Festival 2011: the numbers

A few days after the official submission deadline, it's time for taking a first stock of the Skepto International Film Festival 2011 edition.

This year we received as many as 213 short movies: 182 in competition and 31 out of competition, with a wide range of genres, styles, themes and production budget.

Beyond Italy, 24 countries are represented: Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Cyprus, Egypt, Mozambique, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, USA, Singapore, Japan.

20/02/2011 - Submissions closed for Skepto International Film Festival 2011

Submissions closed for Skepto International Film Festival 2011.

We received a great number of short movies, with a wide range of genres, styles and languages. We would like to thank the over 200 filmmakers that sent us their works and we wish them good luck for the competition!

The pre-selection is already in progress, then the finalist movies will be submitted to the official jury. Stay tuned for further news!

07/02/2011 - Skepto International Film Festival: more locations!


The Skepto International Film Festival, in collaboration with IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and AIG (Italian Youth Hostels Network), goes beyond its frontiers. 

The finalist movies, with the authors' agreement, will be screened at the same time in the main location of Cagliari, Sardinia, and in other Italian and European locations: Madrid IED's base and the AIG Youth Hostels in Milan, Bologna, Florence, Perugia, Naples and Salerno.

Skepto International Film Festival - Associazione Culturale Skepto email: info@skepto.net - C. F. 92169520928 - P.I. 03424580920