Between Sleep and Wake

Durata / Length: 
Anno di produzione / Year of production: 
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Sinossi / Synopsis (italian and/or english): 
The “Between Sleep and Wake” is an experimental film (Audiovisual) work combining computer music with visual art. Dreams are representations of thoughts, feelings, and awarenesses that have been occupying our mind—usually for the day or two prior to the dream. Dreams happen during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. This wWork shows a conscious and unconscious states occurring between sleep and wake. In this work, the moonlight sea is a canvas captured the momentary images between dream and reality in perspective, and then the dreamy state of the mind from the images are freely expressed by computer music.
Regista / Director: 
Min Eui Hong
Sceneggiatore / Screenplay: 
Min Eui Hong
Montaggio / Editing: 
Min Eui Hong
Interpreti / Cast: 
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