The Baumanns

Durata / Length: 
Anno di produzione / Year of production: 
Genere / Genre: 
Paese / Country: 
Lingua / Language: 
Sinossi / Synopsis (italian and/or english): 
In the housing estate Heumatt, just outside of Berne, Heinz Stettler one day meets Daniel Baumann in the hallway. The two men keep bumping into each other, in front of the elevators, on the stairs, in the underground parking… They like each other and the brief encounters finally lead to an invitation for dinner at Stettlers’ apartment. It is a nice and cosy evening. One talks about handball, the neighbours and everyday matters. It gets later and later, but the Baumanns remain seated...
Regista / Director: 
Martin Guggisberg
Sceneggiatore / Screenplay: 
Martin Guggisberg, Guy Krneta
Montaggio / Editing: 
Mirjam Krakenberger
Interpreti / Cast: 
Matthias Fankhauser, Regula Imboden, Philippe Nauer, Ruth Schwegler
Fotografie / Stills: 

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