Herr Hoppe and the Nuclear Waste

Durata / Length: 
Anno di produzione / Year of production: 
Genere / Genre: 
Cartoon Animation
Paese / Country: 
Lingua / Language: 
Sinossi / Synopsis (italian and/or english): 
A barrel of nuclear waste drops into the living room of Herr Hoppe an average suburbian German. He has to get rid of it and does it in his own wacky way.
Regista / Director: 
Jan Lachauer / Thorsten Löffler
Sceneggiatore / Screenplay: 
Thorsten Löffler / Jan Lachauer
Montaggio / Editing: 
Thorsten Löffler
Interpreti / Cast: 
Moritz Schneider
Fotografie / Stills: 

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