Durata / Length: 
8' 55''
Anno di produzione / Year of production: 
Genere / Genre: 
Paese / Country: 
Lingua / Language: 
Sinossi / Synopsis (italian and/or english): 
After two year relationship, Fran (Daniel Muriel) and Laura (Rebecca Valls), believe they are the perfect couple. One Sunday morning Laura Fran offers a game: From your balcony guess what people talk of the street. The elect are Jaime (Antonio Hortelano) and Sandra (Maggie Civantos), a young couple who seemingly have little in common.What Fran and Laura can not imagine is that this innocent game will take them to discover their own shortcomings as a couple.
Regista / Director: 
Sergi Miralles
Sceneggiatore / Screenplay: 
Sergi Miralles
Montaggio / Editing: 
Vicente Ibáñez
Fotografie / Stills: 

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