Durata / Length: 
5 mins 31 secs
Anno di produzione / Year of production: 
Genere / Genre: 
Paese / Country: 
Lingua / Language: 
Sinossi / Synopsis (italian and/or english): 
Oblivion is an animated short, which portrays a character falls into an imaginary world of being forgotten where he is trapped and discomposed by different weird things. Interlarded with fantastic elements, within the story emerge numerous metaphors of human memory and consciousness. To visualise this materially non-existent space, using various symbols embodies the unpredictable mental activities. The most intriguing thing during the production is a series of questions about memory: why we forget, why we can choose what to remember, but not what to forget, and where the forgotten things go. Oblivion cannot answer directly but probably can offer a glance of an old and lost memory that all human beings once have.
Regista / Director: 
Hsin-Yu Kuan
Sceneggiatore / Screenplay: 
Hsin-Yu Kuan
Fotografie / Stills: 

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